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Our Door Supervisors help you protect and run your business, making a profit through customer relations and diplomatic resolutions whilst enhancing the reputation of your venue, backed by professional and knowledgeable management.

Door supervisors are employed to ensure people enjoy themselves, patrons and staff alike, and we firmly believe people are entitled to a good time without fear of assault, intimidation or antisocial behaviour. A good door supervisor will also enhance the atmosphere of your venue or event through various methods such as simply being polite and acknowledging each customer upon entry or even if they are just passing by, listening to concerns and resolving issues in a fair manner. By adopting this approach people feel assured that they are in safe hands and this also adds to the reputation of the venue ensuring customer retention as well as enticing new patrons.

Door supervision is much more than it first appears, as the role involves multiple aspects such as meet and greet, health and safety, duty of care and conflict management to mention a few.

Utilising crowd and queue control techniques, to profile all patrons upon entry and to ensure they are suitable for your establishment or event, by ensuring they are of the correct age and profile. Constantly monitoring people’s behaviour throughout the night, intervening on any potential issues to prevent them from escalating into a full scale incident whereby other customers will witness it, commotion costs customers after all and can ruin a venues reputation.

Having good customer service skills are now a part of a door supervisors role as manners cost nothing, being polite and helpful enhances a customer's attitude and establishes lasting relationships. Rude and arrogant attitudes have a negative effect on patrons and it will be remembered as part of their overall experience in your venue.

We have an excellent reputation in this field of security and a vast and varied experience from Young Farmer Balls, regular pubs, club and hotels to Gentlemen's clubs. Please call us to discuss your requirements and hear what we can do for you.